We are a medical multi-disciplinary team privileged and honored to journey life with you

Hospice Care – “It’s About the Journey”

At American Care Hospice Company we know that can be a very difficult and overwhelming time for you and your family. You don’t need to go thru it alone. Fighting an illness for months or years is difficult. Considering hospice now may feel like giving up. Although a cure isn’t possible, there is still much you can control, and still a great reason to hope. Hospice can help you:

• Feel greater peace regardless of age or prognosis
• Enrich your relationships
• Experience end of life in a way that honors who you are and what you believe.

As your focus shifts from a cure to quality of life, our goal is to help ease your burden and enable you to live every day as fully as possible. We are here to respect your wishes, protect your dignity, and help you celebrate your life in comfort, surrounded by the people you love. We will walk with you and your family every step of the way.

We Honor Veterans

Our Hospice Services

Pain Symptom/Management

Hospice Pain Management means keeping the patient comfortable and addressing their symptoms, so they have the best possible quality of Life.
Easing these symptoms enhances patients’ well-being, enabling them to make the most of their remaining time.
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Medical Equipment

Medical Supplies/Medical Equipment

American Care Hospice provides all medication and Hospice medical equipment and supplies related to the patients’ Hospice diagnosis at no cost to the patient or their family.
The American Care Team will coordinate the ordering, delivery and set up to allow the patient and family to focus on their time together.
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Hospice Team Visits

At American Care we recognize that our patients are individuals and no two patient’s needs are the same. Our interdisciplinary team works collaboratively to create a specialized plan of care for each individual patient. Always taking into consideration patient and family goals and expectations.
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Emotional Spiritual Support American Care Hospice

Emotional & Spiritual Support

Learning that you or a loved one has a terminal illness presents many challenges. It can also present opportunities for life review, realized potential, celebration of accomplishments, reconnection with loved ones, and reconciliation. The Spiritual Care team at American Care is available to assist you with the challenges and opportunities that may arise.
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Volunteer Support

Our American Care Hospice Volunteers provide emotional support to patients through companionship, reading aloud, shopping and engaging in activities of interest to the patient.
They give comfort, caring concern and compassion to our patients and their families
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Respite Care American Care Hospice

Respite Care

Benefits of Hospice respite care for family caregivers, family members who take time to rest and recover are better hospice caregivers. They suffer less burnout and have more energy to devote to loved ones. Restoration comes from knowing your source of joy so you can share that comfort with others.
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Bereavement Support American Care Hospice

Bereavement Care

American Care offers support and counseling to anyone who has experienced a recent loss- regardless of any prior affiliation with hospice. Our specially trained bereavement counselors offer support for thirteen months after a loss, or as long as needed.
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Why American Care Hospice Company?

We Honor Veterans

The “We Honor Veterans “ program empowers hospice providers across America to meet the unique needs of Veterans.

Locally Owned & Operated

  American Care takes pride in providing the Best possible care to our patients and give back to our community.

Commitment to Clinical Excellence

  American Care recognize that our Plan of Care is tailored just for you.

Benefits of Earlier Admission

Earlier admissions to Hospice allows patients and families to build longer relationships, body, mind and spirit.

70 Years of Experience

American Care Hospice may be a new company but we’re not new to Hospice Care.

Great Support

Our American Care Team is here for you and your family and friends to help you with difficult challenges .

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